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Welcome to the Mlak Apartments Inquiry Page, the go-to platform for anyone looking for delightful apartments for sale in Turkey. It's a hub for a diverse community of home seekers attracted by our comprehensive range of apartments that cater to various lifestyle preferences and budget ranges.

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Apartments for Sale in Turkey
Our Offerings and Options

At Mlak, we are proud to present a diverse portfolio of apartments for sale in Turkey. Whether you're seeking the epitome of luxury, an affordable place to call home, or an under-construction project, our selection has something to suit everyone.

Luxury Apartments

Designed for the discerning buyer, our luxury apartments offer superior amenities, prime locations, and top-tier architectural designs.

Affordable & Cheap Apartments

On a budget? Our range of cost-effective apartments ensures that affordability doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort.

Underconstruction Apartments

If you’re looking to shape your dream home from scratch, our under-construction apartments provide a fantastic opportunity.


When it comes to the apartment hunters in Turkey, the top priority often goes to the presence of specific amenities. In fact, the demand for such facilities seems to rotate around six key aspects that are deemed essential by most people looking for a new residence. These aspects are highly significant and are expected to cater to a wide range of needs, desires, and preferences of modern consumers.

Modern Design

Contemporary and functional layouts with attention to aesthetic detail.


Proximity to commercial hubs, leisure activities, and natural beauty.


Ensuring safety with gated communities and 24/7 security services.

Leisure Facilities

Features like swimming pools, fitness centers, and play areas.

Green Spaces

The presence of gardens, parks, or close proximity to nature.


Availability of designated parking spaces or garages.



We offer a diverse range of apartments.

Market Knowledge

Our deep understanding of Turkey’s real estate market is invaluable.


We conduct business with honesty and transparency.

Tailored Solutions

We know everyone’s needs are unique, and we customize solutions accordingly.


Our extensive industry connections help us source the best properties and deals.


Our selection of apartments in Turkey extends across a spectrum of choices.
However, three particular categories pique the interest of our clients:

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Our luxury apartments are crafted to provide an experience of the highest standard. With premium amenities, stunning interiors, and prime locations, these apartments redefine the concept of upscale living.

Affordable & Cheap Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Don’t be misled by the term ‘cheap.’ Our affordable apartments offer remarkable value for money, providing quality living spaces and essential amenities at competitive prices.

Underconstruction Apartments For Sale in Turkey

Our under-construction apartments provide a unique chance to create a personalized living space while potentially benefiting from capital appreciation as the project progresses.

Apartments for Sale in Turkey in Different Locations

The demand for specific apartment amenities in Turkey tends to revolve around six core aspects:

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Our apartments in Istanbul are at the heart of a cosmopolitan city, offering you the chance to immerse in a vibrant lifestyle amidst the city’s historical splendor.


Apartments for Sale in Antalya

Live the Mediterranean dream with our apartments in Antalya, providing stunning sea views and easy access to the city’s enchanting beaches and bustling markets.

Apartments for Sale in Alanya

Apartments for Sale in Alanya

Experience a mix of contemporary living and natural beauty with our apartments in Alanya, a city famous for its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and a delightful blend of local and international cuisine.

Apartments for Sale in Bodrum

Apartments for Sale in Bodrum

Our apartments in Bodrum offer a luxurious lifestyle in one of Turkey’s most sought-after coastal cities, known for its vibrant nightlife, clear blue seas, and cultural treasures.


Mlk's team is eager to hear from you and assist you with any inquiry or question on your mind!